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About Us

Sharing Global Resources in Product Development and Production Technology.

ROCBOLT Resins, a joint venture between DSI Underground and JENNMAR, supplies a large proportion of the Australian and SE Asian mining & tunnelling markets with J-LOK Resin and Fasloc resin capsules.

ROCBOLT Resins manufactures a vast portfolio of resin capsules and is extremely flexible in meeting customer requirements in lead time and diversity of product range; ROCBOLT manufacture 6 different speeds, 7 diameters, lengths varying from 300 mm up to 3400 mm in total, with multiple packaging options.

Australia is one of the safest mining industries in the world in both Hardrock and Coal. We will continue to contribute to this statistic by providing the very best products and system solutions that enhance safety in mines.


Our quest for better solutions and technology is a critical part of ROCBOLT Technologies strategy of ongoing research and development in the underground mining and geotechnical industries. Through this joint venture, we have combined the resources and products of two of the world’s leading suppliers of quality mining, tunneling and geotechnical solutions.

Company Timeline

  • September, 2008 - J-LOK Resins Australia commissioned a resin capsule manufacturing plant in Narellan, NSW with the goal of offering a quality alternative to the Australian coal & hard rock mining and civil/tunneling sectors. This joint venture was initiated by Frank Calandra, Inc. (JENNMAR) and South African based Stratabolt Resins Australia utilizing proven resin capsule manufacturing technology sourced from J-LOK USA and their South African technology partners

  • August, 2014 - Stratabolt Resins Australia sold a 49% share of J-LOK Resins Australia to Dywidag Systems International (DSI) becoming ROCBOLT Resins Pty Ltd

  • February, 2016 - ROCBOLT Resins becomes equally owned by JENNMAR (FCI) and DSI Underground

Quality Management System

Rocbolt Resins has instituted a 3 part quality control program:

  • Raw material certification, approval and testing

  • In-process control tests

  • Finished product acceptance tests


Capsule sample retains from each manufactured batch are kept following manufacture to aid traceability.

Each capsule produced is identified with manufacture date and time via ink jet spray technology. Each box produced is identified by date and time sticker.


ROCBOLT complies with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

ROCBOLT Quality Policy Statement

Environmental Protection Licence: EPL 20944
PIRMP Flow Chart
Emission Test Report  December 2017
Emission Test Report  December 2018
Emission Test Report April 2019
Emission Test Report October 2019
Emission Test Report April 2020
Emission Test Report October 2020
Emission Test Report May 2021
Emission Test Report October 2021
Emission Test Report April 2022
Emission Test Report October 2022
Emission test report April 2023
Emission test report November 2023

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